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Welcome to visit my web, I'm Jeff Tan. I was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and raised in Malaysia. Malaysia is a multicultural country that consists of varieties of food. Following my passion and curiosity in food I started my culinary career since as early as the age of 15 years old. I was working for many five-star luxury hotels and restaurants in Malaysia, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. I have enriched myself with a great sense of culinary skills and knowledge. I have always been exposed to great variety of exotic ingredients, flavors and textures. During my career I was instrumental in leading the way for a fine Chinese dining which include taking the helm in Legendary Zhong Can restaurant (Cantonese Cuisine) by the name of Shang Palace in Abu Dhabi, the award-winning Zheng He's Chinese Restaurant in Dubai, as well as the world well-known or world-famous restaurant Lai Po Heen in Malaysia.

During my career I was receiving an honour of being recognized or called one of the “Chinese Best Chef” for Food and Wine magazine, as well as a Diamond-r Chef by both the Asian Diamond Chef Association. In addition,

Shang Palace and Zheng He's had been recognized for the Best Chinese Restaurant awards. I had the honor of cooking for some of the world’s leaders in Dubai, The Royal Sheikh Highness, China Central Government, a British Premier.... as well as an assortment of celebration politicians from around the world, which has contributed through my work experience from being in the kitchen of top restaurants from all over Southeast Asia. My goal is to be an innovative whilst still blending Authentic Cantonese Flavours.

Finally, I also believe my extensive experience and knowledge to expand   or awaken your palate and enjoy new foods to an exceptional dining experience.

Crispy Octopus,Plum Juice

Modern Chinese Platter 

Duck Breast with Vinegar Powder

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