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Crispy Octopus, Plum Garlic Sauce

Category: Starter 


  • Octopus Japanese 300gm  

  • Plum Garlic Sauce      

  • Egg White 2nos    

  • Potato Starch 150gm  

  • Cooking Oil 200ltr      


Plum Garlic Sauce

  • Garlic 150gm

  • Chinese Plum Sauce 300gm

  • Light Soya 300ltr

  • Salt 10gm

  • Sugar 200gm


  1. Prepare the octopus cutting into slice, heat up a wok and boiling the water then cooked octopus drain out set a side.

  2. Place the octopus coated egg and potato starch.

  3. Heat up a wok pour oil into wok reheat oil and deep fried octopus until crispy drain out.

  4. Prepare plum sauce into wok stir fried with octopus together mix well and serve immediately.   

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